Homestead by Tasmanian Pate

With rich and fertile soils, Tasmania has always been a haven for premium produce. A drive through the state’s rustic landscape you are brought back to provincial Tasmania with stretches of rolling fields and groves.

Homestead by Tasmanian Pate brings the beauty of Tasmania’s produce and meadows to you, to experience and enjoy with family and friends.

Tasmanian Salmon With Lemon Pepper Jelly

Our Tasmanian Salmon with Lemon Pepper Jelly Pate will have you wanting more. We use premium Tasmanian salmon which is lightly smoked by Woodbridge Smokehouse in Southern Tasmania. The smooth and creamy flavour of the pate is complimented by the citrus and pepper, but not enough to overpower the beautiful flavour of salmon.

We recommend serving our Salmon with Lemon Pepper Jelly Pate with an assortment of fresh vegetables.

Duck & Tasmanian Brandy

Using flavours of a traditional style pate, our Duck & Tasmanian Brandy Pate will become a staple at every gathering. In recent years, Tasmania has become a hub of quality artisan spirits from versifying farmers. Our duck pate showcases a strong Tasmanian brandy mixed with creamy Tasmanian dairy.

We recommend serving our Duck & Tasmanian Brandy Pate with fresh crusty bread.

Free Range Chicken with Cracked Pepper

We take Tasmanian free range chicken livers, mixed with creamy Tasmanian dairy, and finish it with freshly cracked pepper. Why do we use Tasmanian free range chicken? Because you can taste the difference.  The smooth robust taste will make you think of green grazing pastures.

We recommend serving our Free Range Chicken with Cracked Pepper Pate alongside a soft cheese, with some delicate crackers.

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Available in all Woolworths stores across all Australian states.

International Distribution:
For distribution inquiries please contact Homestead Pate for information on +61 (3) 6231 4233 or [email protected]